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A message from the Founder of Passionate Pink. 

Firstly thank you for visiting our website. So, where do I start? our home page tells you pretty much all about Passionate Pink, what we do and why. So who am I? 

Who are we? Me, I'm Deb Little, my Twitter and Facebook pages just about says it all really. I am a mum. A civil servant. I am the founder of this incredible organisation that is Passionate Pink. I am also a wobbly stroke survivor who is (normally) a half full glass and who really ought to finish writing my book (Maddy & Me, a friendship found- due for publication in spring 2018). I am currenty trying to find 'lost' family and spend more time with everyone dear to me. Don't know why, but once our parents get older or are sadly no longer around, families just seem to get very fragmented  I am going to try spend time and become closer to people I love, because if nothing else, setting up and running this charity had made me truly realise the importance of family and friends and how easily it can all fall apart for some many reasons. 

Us ..... We are Passionate Pink People. We all have normal lives, (whatever normal may be) along with all the stress and anxiety that comes with day to day life. The people who make the Passionate Pink concept work are my family and friends. Passionate Pink simply wouldn't be able to function without their support. 
Everyone from me as Founder of our organisation, our Trustees and Ambassadors, and every person helping us is a volunteer. They all have real lives - families, jobs, partners, children - they all want to make a difference to there communities.  

Every Passionate Pink person is committed to building lasting, sustainable relationships with our partners and support causes close to our hearts. 

✨Passionate Pink people are fun, feisty, tantalising, captivating and mysterious. 
✨Passionate Pink people are fun. They have been known to be a bit wild. 
✨Passionate Pink people like to party. 
✨Passionate Pink people, well they are simply the best kind of friend to have.

✨Could you be a Passionate Pink person?
✨Can you pay it forward? 
✨Do you have compassion? 
✨Do you care? 
✨Would you like to meet new people? 
✨Do you want to network? 

Importantly do you want to make a difference and show you care? If you do then contact us today, we would love to hear from you. 

Really, what you waiting for, message us on here or email anne@passionatepink.co.uk, I promise you, we will welcome you with open arms and you will make a difference to so many people. 

We have 'Chatter' meetings planned for September, and our Christmas Balls 2017 are in the final planning stages, you're more than welcome to join us. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Lots of love,
Debs x

Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to connect with people through our various initiatives.  To help individuals and families regain dignity and have hope for the future from within the most vulnerable and poorest sections of our communities. To strengthen links between vulnerable people and the communities in which they live. To encourage people to think about the way the world could and should treat each other in a more positive manner.